tumblr’ing around

Lately I’ve been spending time on the streets of tumblr and my oh my have I found thee most interesting blog posts around. Inspired to say the least, I never really understood what tumblr was about so before I ventured into the unknown I did some research and this is what Techopedia had to say:

Tumblr was designed as a different format than most blogging sites, promoting short, to-the-point blogs over long form content. It also allows users to share posts, photos, quotes, links, music and videos as well as customize all aspects of their blogs. Tumblr also functions much like social media, in that users can reshare other bloggers’ posts, allowing popular content to go “viral.”

Tumblr blogging categories include sports, art, illustration, design, fashion, politics, literature, music, landscaping, film, vintage items, architecture, food, comics and gaming, to name a few. Bloggers can easily design these blogs themselves and customized them to reflect their personalities.

I had my Ah Ha moment! many a time I don’t have much to say but I always seem to have new and old things to show and tell, so I made my way down tumblr lane and started a little microblog.  life-thru-my-lens  was the name I chose, my initial plan was a mini photographic portfolio of pictures I’d taken from MY lens but decided that there’s a greater purpose for it after spending time finding my way around, so let me welcome & introduce you to :


A series of images , music , videos & quotes that inspire me | my life thru a lens is a look into what I see as beautiful | captivating | appropriate | i take photos but I’m no professional | seeing is believing

It’s been exciting getting it to where it is now it’s my daily dose, inspiration, it’s a reflection of me who I am , what I Love ,  and so much more.

A old favourite I had to share ( I even did the coding so that the song could play when you visit life-thru-my-lens )

peace & love x

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